Emma Rigby - Project Manager, Juicy Blitz

Emma joined the BREAD team in August 2007 as Project Manager of Juicy Blitz, taking on the day-to-day management of BREADs youth led health and participation project in Lawrence Weston, Bristol. 

Prior to this Emma worked for the Avon Youth Association, developing peer education schemes through the arts project, funded by The Rank Foundation’s Youth or Adult initiative, and then as a Project Co-ordinator for the Bristol Youth Bus Project for a further 4 years. Emma has worked in numerous settings as a play and youth worker since 2001, and completed a DipHE in Informal and Community Education at the YMCA George Williams College in June 2006.

Having completed a BA Hons Fine Art degree in Bristol in 1998 Emma feels that she has found the ultimate match in terms of creativity and addressing social welfare in her role as a youth worker and is driven by the needs of the young people she comes into contact with in Lawrence Weston. “We strive to support and provide opportunities for young people to develop their skills, knowledge, and confidence, and I am motivated by the time, commitment, and enthusiasm that young people demonstrate in return, whilst often experiencing or overcoming multiple difficulties in their lives. Those young people are the driving force behind the young people’s Juice Bar in Lawrence Weston and I’m very proud of the sense of ownership, leadership, and commitment to tackling the problems in the community that local young people have developed through their involvement in the project. We are very lucky to be part of a fantastic youth and play partnership in Lawrence Weston, working with a dedicated team of professionals committed to achieving better outcomes for children and young people”.

Becky Hussey - Youth Support Worker, Juicy Blitz

Becky has been involved with BREAD since 2001. She spent three years as a young volunteer on the sexual health peer education project (SHPEP) as a peer educator. While volunteering at BREAD Becky was also working full time as a play worker at a city farm in Bedminster as well as being a member of the youth advisory committee for the federation of city farms and community gardens. In 2004 Becky became a part time trainee youth worker for SHPEP where she worked with, trained, and supported young peer educators to plan and to deliver sexual health sessions to other young people in a variety of different settings, covering a wide range of issues such as relationships, STIs, teenage pregnancy, and contraception. In 2006 she became a full time youth worker on the project and had started her foundation degree in youth and community work. Since January 2008 Becky has been working for Juicy Blitz as a health youth support worker. She works with local young people aged 11-19 on different projects including health projects, world of work programmes,  GAP projects, and a young people's community news letter - Juicy News.

Ruth Abram - Youth Support Worker, Juicy Blitz

Ruth began volunteering at Juicy Blitz in October 2007. In 2008 Ruth became a part-time trainee youth worker where she worked with young people as a youth involvement worker. She completed her Level 3 in Youth Work in 2009.

She works with young people age 11-19 on a variety of different projects including the Juicy’s Team Challenge Programme, the World of Work Programme, the Diversity Project, the Red Cross Babysitting Course, and Juicy News. She also works alongside Juicy’s young volunteers, working with them to plan and to deliver activities during the drop-in sessions. 

Ruth grew up in Lawrence Weston and feels very strongly towards inspiring young people to become who they want to be, no matter what challenges are ahead.

“I genuinely enjoy going to work, knowing that I’m helping young people make a difference within themselves and their community. At times it can be challenging, but no job has ever been so rewarding.”

Jordon Hudd - Advanced Apprentice Youth Support Worker, Juicy Blitz

Jordon has been involved with BREAD since he was 11 as a project participant, he is now 19. He has taken part in projects such as; Juicy News; a Young People's Community newspaper, Health Education Projects, Lawrence Weston Youth Forum; which addressed young people's issues and concerns. He also worked on the Mobile Smoothie Bar Youth Led Health and Enterprise Project; where he was instrumental in writing the business plan.

At the age of 16 Jordon started to volunteer with Juicy Blitz as a Young Leader. Three years of hard work and dedication later he realised what he wanted to do with his life; Youth Work. Jordon was successfully appointed as Advanced Apprentice Youth Support Worker with BREAD in July 2016. His Apprenticeship includes completing the Level Three in Youth Work, and he enjoys developing his skills, knowledge, and experience.

Jordon’s main role is to plan and deliver Drop-in and Project work activities that enable and empower young people. Having lived in Lawrence Weston all his life, he loves nothing more than being able to help and support local young people. Jordon looks forward to the future and what lies ahead… 

Geoff Archer, Finance Manager

Geoff began his career in charity finance when he joined BCAP (Bristol Community Accountancy Project) in 2005. During his time there he learnt all about the specific nuances of charity accounting, performing many Independent examinations (audits) and working with many local groups. He left in 2007 to join City Accounts to gain more commercial experience. Whilst at City Accounts Geoff has worked with many small businesses and charities, undertaking tax compliance work and accounts production. In 2010 he successfully passed his final tax exams.

In his spare time Geoff can often be found in a Landrover sampling the country's many green lanes. He also likes most motor sports and reading historical fiction.


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