BREADs Mission:

To support young people from disadvantaged communities to improve their life chances.

BREADs Initiatives:
BREADs initiatives are youth led social action with the ultimate intention of improving young peoples health, citizenship, social, and personal development.

Work is delivered through a combination of informal education, open access sessions, small group work and 121 support. 

BREADs Values:

BREAD values the fact and wants to remain delivering their services as apart of the Lawrence Weston Community.

BREAD strives to remain young people centred, based on young people’s need and priorities.

BREAD is focused on providing services that are developed with and for young people in the area.

BREADs deliverable priorities:

Priority one:-
Maintaining Juicy Blitz provision for young people in Lawrence Weston.

Priority two:-
Developing and maintaining a Mobile Juice Bar as both an enterprise and opportunity for peer/informal education.